About the only thing one can reliably say about the US electoral system is it’s a horrific mess.

In fact, it is almost unfathomable. Any effort to explain its intricacies and idiocies here would be as likely to succeed as my trying to explain quantum theory to my Golden Retriever.

The American voting systems (plural because in addition to Federal, there are a gazillion State and municipal systems) make a bad joke of the concept of democracy. …

Readers will no doubt share my sense of deja vu at the overuse of a number to catch our attention — 5 Essential Steps: 16 Mandatory Rules; 4 Impossible Challenges; Etc. signposting articles, inviting our interest so we’ll read on. It’s not all that surprising that the reason we find these so engaging is that most of us are conditioned to God’s 10 Commandments. You can’t get a better reference than that and the copywriter who penned them must be a paradise celebrity.

In and around our industry, there are lots more than 271 things you don’t need to know…

Withdrawing from the time-driven routines that tend to shape our modern lives while embracing nature`s unchanging rhythms, raises interesting questions about the shape of our futures.

No doubt some math geniuses have developed algorithms that accurately demonstrate this theory: the more times one hears something initially radical and exciting, the less it holds that fascination over time, or even seems to matter at all. Let`s call it the “accelerating boredom” principle, or maybe dumbing-down by repetition.

The ‘news’, real or fake, has become so familiar that it is creating in me an ever-increasing, undeniable sense of boredom.

What to do…

“The more you are focused on time — past and future — the more you miss the Now, the most precious thing there is.”

Eckhart Tolle, the popular spiritual guru, argues that there is really nothing we can do about the past; it’s gone. And trying to predict the future is nothing more than idle and often soul-destroying speculation. Unless we are living in the ‘Now’, we are disconnected from the real world.

While I had honestly pledged to abstain from my news addiction, I must admit that I have seriously relapsed. Since the beginning of the year, just more…

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